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Staring a Coffee Delivery Service

If you love coffee and want to do business with it, is it that you can only open a coffee shop? There are many other jobs associated with coffee that can be done by you not only to earn revenue but also to be associated with your favorite drink. Yes, you can start the business of coffee delivery service that will let you do business and also keep in touch with coffee, something that you love most.

However, just like any other business you should follow certain steps to ensure that you are taking right steps while starting the delivery service. Things that you should consider are

Make the infrastructure first

When you are about to start coffee delivery service, you have to make sure that you have given your customers proper service and for this you need to set the infrastructure first.

Decide the different types of coffee that will be delivered by you. What will be the mode of delivery and what time will be taken for completing each order? Everything will depend upon your infrastructure. You need to have such capacities that can execute multiples orders within few minutes and delivery men to deliver them as fast as possible. Now, while arranging for the same you also need to ensure that your capacities are not that large that they are sitting idle for much time. Then you will not be able to earn profit.

So, work on it and try to make out what should be the optimum capacity for making coffee and also the delivery of the same.

Taking orders and payments

Another thing that you need to consider while staring your delivery service is that how will you take orders? Can customers give you order online. Or they have to call you to place their orders? If you have a website with good software you can take order online and also show the customer their history of dealings with you. They will feel personal and every time they think of coffee, they will get back to you.

You also must have the option to get the bill paid online. for this make sure that you have secured payment gateway so that while paying money your customers do not face any problem.

However, if they are calling you to place their order then you can collect the payment in cash too.

Coffee delivery

Apart from delivering hot coffee, you may also deliver coffee bags to the customers as per their order. For this you may ask for subscription and membership with which they will be assured of getting the best coffee of their choice delivered to their home.

Just like any delivery business, coffee delivering also needs good logistic tracking so that you can delight your customers once they place an order with you. They must be looking forward to coffee from your place rather than walking to their nearest coffee joint or making coffee at their home. This will ensure that your business will get successful within few days.

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