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Know About the Different Parts of Commercial Coffee Grinder

If you own a coffee shop or espresso bar then you need to have commercial coffee grinder that will keep on supporting your staff throughout the day. Many times you may have to adjust them so that if any problem arises you can handle the situation yourself. For this it is required that you have idea about different functions and parts of the coffee grinder.

If your coffee shop serves flavored coffee then you must have two coffee grinders. This is because if you grind both the type of coffee in same grinder then the unflavored coffee may get some flavor. Those coffee lovers who like plain coffee may not like your coffee with some flavor in it. Thus, it’s necessary that you use separate grinders. Different things that you must know are

Commercial Coffee Grinder – Body

It’s the body of the coffee grinder which makes the grinder heavy. The electric motor of the grinder is housed in the base. The larger the motor is more will be the torque with low speed.  Thus, the beans can be grinded without being overheated; as if they are overheated then they may lose their flavor. Thus, a large motor is necessary for keeping the beans from overheated.

Loading Bay, Doser, and Tamper

The loading bay of most commercial coffee grinder is near the base, in front of the body. For easy loading you will need the group handle that is there as a protruding adapter. After putting the group handle in the loading bay, you can pull the doser level. In commercial coffee grinders you will get doser that is not present in home grinders as for proper functioning of the doser you need to grind more coffee.

You will find the tamper above the loading bay. It helps in maintaining the quantity of the grounded coffee. Generally, the tamper will be built in.

The Chamber

The chamber is the most important part where the grounding is done. It is just above the base. At the bottom of the chamber you will find the dosing mechanism. This is a cylindrical disk that is rotating and generally has six triangular dosing compartments. The grounded coffee will fill the dosing compartments.

The Collar

At the top of the chamber you will find the collar which controls the distance between the grinding wheels. Thus, it is responsible for the granularity of the coffee beans. It is generally disk shaped. By adjusting it you can change the size of the grounds. There will be a release button on the collar that will help in changing the grind.

The Hopper

On the top of the coffee grinder you will find the hopper which holds the coffee beans that are to be grounded. In the commercial coffee grinders you will find hoppers which will hold about few pounds to meet the large demand at commercial centers.

Thus, once you know about the various parts, you will be able to communicate with a  technician in any chance your grinder faces any problem.

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