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Health Benefits Derived From Raw Coffee Beans

Unroasted and raw coffee beans are better known as green coffee beans. These are different from dark coffee as the beans are not roasted before they are grinding and thus are green in color. They too have antioxidant and chlorogenic properties like green tea that is found to be great for weight loss. For making the weight loss supplement both mature and immature beans is used, as it is no different in the caffeine level with the maturity of coffee beans. Apart from using them in weight loss supplement, they have many other health benefits too.

Potential weight loss

It is already mentioned that raw coffee beans extract helpful in losing weight. There are caffeine and chlorogenic acid present in green coffee beans that increase the metabolism of the human body and thus helps in burning fat. Throughout 12 weeks one can find the benefits of this extract. They will find themselves fit and also get some reduction in their weight. All this is because of Chlorogenic acid present in green coffee beans that are absorbed in the human body and increases the metabolism afterward.

Reduction OF high blood pressure

Apart from promoting weight loss, these coffee beans are useful for reducing high blood pressure too. The credit again goes to chlorogenic acid which affects the blood vessels, and thus blood pressure is controlled. A study conducted upon patients with high blood pressure showed that when they were supplemented with 149 milligrams of green coffee extracts their high blood pressure was found to be reduced a lot. There were no such notable side effects and hence it was deduced that these extracts are useful for reducing high blood pressure.

Improved cognitive performance and mood

Although not much, when the coffee beans are roasted the caffeine content in them reduces a lot. Caffeine has a lot of effect on the human body like improvement in reaction time, alertness, memory, vigilance, focus and at the same time reduction in fatigue and other factors that help in cognitive performance. Thus, when green coffee is taken it helps in increasing alertness, and the mood of an individual to is enhanced. All this is because of the caffeine present in the green coffee that is a little bit more than roasted coffee.

Benefits from Antioxidants

There are multiple antioxidants present in the unroasted or green coffee beans that help in reducing the effect of cell damage in the human body. Thus, when you have green coffee, your body receives antioxidants which in turn help in preventive functions. It keeps your healthier as the stress, and other cell-damaging factors are reduced. Even research scholars are claiming that chlorogenic acid and antioxidants present in green coffee beans are useful for preventing your body from four kinds of cancer cells.

Thus, with so many health benefits green coffee beans are useful for your health. However, there may be a certain side effect for high caffeine content and should be careful about it. Especially pregnant and breastfeeding women must not take these as it will be harmful to their baby.

Health Benefits Derived From Raw Coffee Beans

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