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Grinding Coffee Beans Gives Chance to Have Fresh Coffee

If you are a coffee lover then you will go to any height for making each cup of coffee taste better than the previous one. And for making every cup of coffee simply awesome you need to ensure that the grind is good enough.

For enhancing the taste of coffee, you should try to grind the coffee yourself. When you will be grinding coffee beans yourself, they will be much fresher than the ones that you purchase from market or online. Thus, it will have more taste and flavor than purchased grounded coffee.

There are different coffee grinders and you will find them grinding coffee at different texture. To know exactly what is best for your choice, you may have to do experiment in the beginning but soon you will reach the desired grind level.

Different types of coffee grinds

There are different types of grinds and while you will be grinding coffee beans you can try them one after another.

  • Coarse granules that will be chunky. They will have granules like coarse salts. This type of grind is often used in Percolators, French press and vacuum coffee pots.
  • Medium grinds are finer than the coarser grinds. Used mostly in drip coffee machines they will feel like sand granules.
  • Fine grinds are soft when touched. They are mainly used in espresso pots and will feel like powdered sugar.
  • Extra fine grinds are finer than powdered sugar, although it is not totally powder, there should be presence of granules. They are mainly used in espresso machines.
  • Turkish is considered as the finest grind; however it is very difficult to reach this fine ness easily in home grinders.

Blade vs. Burr Grinders

When you will be grinding coffee at your home, it is necessary that you have grinders. Now, if you know the difference between blade and burr grinders it will easy for you to choose one that will be good enough for your use.

Blade grinders are the inexpensive ones that can be used to grind coffee beans. However, when you grind the coffee beans they may not have same texture always, and thus you cannot be sure whether you can brew the same cup again or not. Moreover, upon using for some time, the blades become hot. Thus, if they are used for extended period the blades will be over heated and the coffee will have bitter taste for being heated while grinding.

Among the burr grinders you will find the conical burr and the wheel burr. In these grinders the coffee beans are squeezed in between two surfaces and thus, you can control the fineness of the grounds by adjusting the surface of the grounds.

The conical burr grinders are the best and they grind the coffee beans in slow motion, thus most of the oil is extracted from the beans. The result is coffee grounds rich in aroma and taste.

Compared to conical burrs wheel burrs are cheaper. They are also messy, however they are better compared to blade grinders.

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