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Few Facts about Light Roast Coffee

When it comes to different coffee people prefers different types of coffee. There are a cappuccino, espresso, instant and all of these are available in the varied type of roasted beans. You can have light, medium or dark roasted beans that have their unique features which make each cup of coffee different from one another. There is always some controversy among people about the type of roast like some prefers day rated coffee while other may prefer light roast coffee. Knowing about them a bit may help you choose what you prefer most.

Light roasted coffee and their characteristics

While roasting the coffee beans, a light roast bean is roasted till there is the first crack on the beans. There is popping, and cracking sound heard when the coffee beans are roasted. This sound occurs due to the expansion in size of the coffee beans for the heat generated inside the roaster. original occurs after the beans are roasted for several minutes.

As light roast coffee a for much less time than other roast varieties, they are light brown. Sometimes they can be chestnut brown too and have a dry surface. There will be no trace of dark roast on them that is they will be light in color.

Compared to medium or dark roasted coffee, the light roasted coffee tends to have higher acidity. Thus, they are generally sweeter than the other variants with more body and a perfect balance between the aroma and acidity.

There is an argument about the caffeine content of light roasted coffee stating that they have less caffeine compared to dark roast. However, it’s not true; the caffeine content in both the roast type is almost the same. They taste sweeter than the dark roast coffee because they are roasted for less time compared to the dark roast variant.

Light roast is not only known in this name, but it is also popular in other names too, like New England Roast, Half City Roast, Cinnamon Roast, and Light City Roast.

Benefits of Light Roasted Coffee

Light roasted coffee can retain the original taste and flavor of the climate and soil where they were cultivated. It can retain the origin flavor as they are roasted for less time, and hence the flavors are kept intact. Thus, when you take a sip of light roasted coffee, you can feel the natural qualities of the coffee intact in it.

Some of the premium coffees from Java and Kenya are given a light roast so that the natural flavors of the region are kept intact.

Apart from this there are many health benefits that one can derive from coffee, whether they are dark roast or light roast. There are many diseases like Type 2 diabetes, Dementia, Parkinson, which are believed to be reduced when coffee is drunk. It helps in keeping you fit and energetic throughout the day.

Thus, whether its dark roast or light roast, at the end who loves coffee will love its different varieties and get benefit from it.

Few Facts about Light Roast Coffee

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