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Facts about French Vanilla Coffee

Coffee is the most popular hot beverage throughout the world and that is the reason that with time new flavors and aromas are added to it to make it more attractive. It is available in different delightful aromas and flavors. Each type has its own aroma and flavor that makes it special, distinguished from others. One common flavor that is available in almost every food item is vanilla. French vanilla is used for flavoring different types of food and beverages and coffee is no exception from that, thus you get to taste French vanilla coffee.

History of French vanilla flavor in coffee

From the name of the coffee, one may consider its origin to France, but it has not originated from there. This coffee was originated by the middle easterners who preferred some vanilla infused in their brewed coffee. With time it was introduced during brewing and not after brewing. Its uniqueness was in the strong flavor of vanilla, along with the taste of coffee. First time drinkers preferred it as they could enjoy coffee along with some sweetness of vanilla. A good cup of French vanilla coffee had both flavors in the correct ratio; vanilla taste enriched the characteristics of coffee and does not mask it.

Drink it during every season

Those who love this flavor of coffee will prefer taking it in all seasons and weathers. Moreover, as it can complement different types of flavor it is suitable for accompanying different types of foods. For accentuating its taste you can add different types of toppings and cream. Some coffee lovers believe that this coffee is over rated, but the taste that it gives is really unique and once someone likes it they will prefer it forever. There are many unique flavors of coffee available in the market today, and obviously it is one of the prominent ones among them.
It can also be used as sweet treat during morning or afternoon and even can be served along with dessert. However, while you are enjoying this coffee you must forget about the calories, especially if you have particular nutritional goals.

Calories content

The calorie content of this coffee will depend upon its preparation method. Like many prefers to take their coffee along with milk and sugar for enhancing the taste of coffee. Now, when you serve 10 oz of French vanilla without sugar and milk, you will be consuming about 20 calories. That means if you are at 2000 calories diet, then a cup of this coffee everyday will account for one percent of total calorie intake.

Now, if you add milk and sugar you need to add their calories too. When you add 1 tablespoon of whole milk, you add 9 calories to your coffee and with one tablespoon of granulated sugar you add 16 calories. Thus, the amount of calories consumed by you per cup can be easily calculated as per your choice.

With this if you have never tasted this coffee earlier, give it a try. It will surely enhance your love for coffee and make you look for it every time you want to have coffee.

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