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Espresso Coffee Beans Are Not Some Special Beans

There are many coffee lovers who prefer drinking espresso coffee than regular coffee. However, there are still some questions among them that espresso is a brewing method where the coffee brewed is generally thicker than the coffee brewed in any other method, and then is there any special espresso coffee beans available? There is an argument where some people consider it as a specific strain of bean, while others consider it as a particular roast. What is it?

Coffee extracted from mild beans

Coffee aficionados consider espresso as the blend of beans where the coffee has subdued acidity and also is sweet enough for balancing the acidic and bitter flavor of the blend. For this espresso coffee is made generally from the mild Arabica beans that have its own flavor and taste. As they produce the best coffee in the world, they are mostly considered for making espresso and may be that is why some considers them as espresso coffee beans.

Thus, for making a cup of espresso it’s not important that what beans are used, rather it is important to get it brewed properly and use the best blend of coffee. Espresso is also important to coffee lovers as it acts as the base to many other alternative forms of coffee like cappuccino, café mocha and others. For this entire first the beans are to be blended properly and then used.

Some other myths about espresso

Not only about special espresso are beans there many other myths that are believed by coffee lovers regarding espresso. Let’s find out what are they and what the reality is.

  • It is believed that caffeine content in espresso is higher than regular coffee. However the reality is something different. Caffeine is extracted from the coffee beans while it is brewed. The more will be time of contact with water; more will be the caffeine content. This explains that espresso cannot have more caffeine than drip coffee as the former is a faster process of brewing coffee. Thus, as in drip coffee the time is more when water comes in contact with the coffee beans, it extracts more caffeine from the beans than in case of espresso.
  • There are different types of roasting of the coffee beans. They start from light roast to extremely dark roast. Now, it is believed that the more roasted the coffee beans are the better are they for using in espresso. It’s partly true as for making espresso dark roast are required but if they are roasted too much then you can enjoy only bitter taste while sipping into your coffee mug. The coffee beans should be roasted optimally and it depends on various factors like the type of beans used, the location the beans are cultivated and the time of harvest.

Thus, when something is so popular like coffee, especially espresso coffee it is natural that there will be different stories about it in different places. However, when you want to enjoy your cup of coffee, whether its espresso or anything else, just enjoy it and get energized.

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