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Difference Best Espresso Coffee and Drip Coffee

Regarding origin of coffee, it is believed that it has its roots in Ethiopia, and it is being cultivated from 9th century. With time coffee has undergone quite an evolution and presently there are different types of coffee available. The most common among them all is drip or regular coffee among all other varieties.

Most coffee aficionados prefer regular drip coffee, but there are quite number of people who love espresso. There is difference between espresso coffee and regular drip coffee and both of them have followers who love these coffee most.

Let’s find out the difference between them

Coffee Beans

For making best espresso coffee the coffee beans are grounded finely. The texture of the coffee beans after grounding for making espresso is like powdered sugar. While in regular or drip coffee, the grounds are coarser than espresso coffee.

Serving Size

There is difference in serving size of espresso and drip coffee. While drip coffee is served in cups of 8 ounce espresso coffee are served in shots. The measure of espresso coffee shots are generally 1-1.5 ounces and serving size is double shots that measures about 2-2.5 ounces.

Caffeine Content

If caffeine content is measures in equal amount of both the coffee, then espresso has more caffeine content than regular coffee. However, as they are served in fewer amounts than regular coffee, per serving the caffeine content is less in espresso than regular drip coffee.


The consistency of espresso is thicker than the drip coffee. On the top of espresso there is a thick and smooth creamy layer. While regular coffee is lighter than the espresso and has also thinner texture than espresso. The best espresso coffee is liked more due to its thicker texture.

Brewing Time

For brewing regular coffee you must have at least 3 to 4 minutes in hand, while for espresso coffee, the brewing time is much less. It takes only 20 to 30 seconds for brewing the coffee. And this is why espresso is considered among the easiest way for brewing a cup of coffee.

Brewing Method

The brewing method of both coffees is totally different. While making espresso coffee, boiling water is pushed through the finely compressed coffee beans under pressure of about 15 atmospheres. After brewing it for 20 to 30 seconds the dark brown liquid is separated from the beans. Then the thick liquid is poured in the cups or containers where froth is found at the top.

In case of drip coffee, the water is passed through the ground coffee over a period of time and thus the brewing time is slower. After the water passes through the coarsely grounded beans it is accumulated in a container. For making drip coffee French press or drip coffee filters are ideal.


The flavor of drip coffee is fulfilling and soothing while espresso has strong intense flavor, may be due to the concentrated caffeine in it.

Thus, although there is difference between the two, yet which coffee you use, you must have the ingredients in proper measure so that you get a great cup of coffee to enjoy.

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