Commercial Coffee Making

Choosing the Best Commercial Coffee Makers

Whether you need commercial coffee machine for doing business or install and use in your office, it is vital that you consider few things while choosing the right one. You will get a wide variety of commercial coffee makers available in the market. You need to have clear idea about their size and position, boilers and other services to make sure that you are taking the right decision.

Size and Position

Before you choose the coffee machine for commercial purpose, it’s necessary that you consider the outline of the place where it will be set. You need to consider the sizes as you will just not placing the coffee machine but also must have counter space to access coffee mugs and steam wand.

The position of placing the coffee machine is also important as you have to ensure that it has proximity to power supply, waste drainage and water supply.


While making your purchase you also have to consider the number of coffee mugs filled during the busiest hour of the day. Yes, you may know that you will need so many per day or per week, but that will not be enough. Your commercial coffee machine should be able to serve during the peak hours and you need to be prepared beforehand.

Automatic or Semi-automatic

Do you want the commercial coffee makers at your place to be automatic or semi-automatic?

If you choose semi-automatic coffee machine then controlling the amount of water required during coffee making will be in your hands. There are many other features that can be controlled by you. Baristas those who prefers to have their control on coffee extraction prefers semi-automatic machine.

While if you work single handed, then an automatic machine will be your best mate. With it you just need to switch on the machine with certain instructions and the rest is done. While you froth the milk for cappuccino you will find the machine ready with coffee, thus helping you to multi task.

Apart from these there are certain other things that must be considered. Like if you have a coffee shop you should invest behind such machine that itself is a silent advertisement of your coffee shop. Look for brands that are famous and prices too while you consider any model.

After-sales Service

Your relation with the coffee machine does not end with the purchase, rather it starts. Check out details like where can you get your coffee machine services if it breaks down? Commercial coffee machines need to be repaired faster than other coffee machines. Thus, ensure that the supplier will provide you a 24 hour emergency service.

Also verify whether the machine will be maintained regularly or not. Once you get such support you can rely on the brand.

Also check out if any training will be provided to your staff about operating the machine efficiently. What will be the source of consumables like coffee beans, stirrers, coffee cups and other related products?

These are just preliminary things that you must check while purchasing a coffee machine. Before you make the final payment check with an expert.

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