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Choosing the Best Coffee Brand of Your Choice

What makes a cup of coffee great? Is buying the best coffee brand enough to get the best coffee or there are other things to that should be considered. There are different types of coffee available all over the world and then they are processed in different way. Some are dark roasted while others are light roasted. Even there is difference in the brewing process too. Thus, it’s important that you understand how you can purchase the best coffee that will make your refreshed every time you sip into it.

Know your preference first

Before you start looking for the best coffee brand, you must know what your preferences are. The entire manufacturer claims their products to be best, but it will be considered best by you only when you find it interesting enough. So, know what your choices are and start looking for the best brand of coffee in the market.

You must know how you take it; do you prefer black coffee or take it with milk and sugar? What type of coffee maker do you have? Do you love freshly grinded coffee or ground coffee? Once you know all this start looking for the coffee you want.

Freshness of coffee

Do you love to drink coffee for the aroma it gives or for the energetic feelings you get after drinking coffee? Whatever is the reason, what you need to sure of while choosing your coffee brand is the freshness of the coffee. After coffee is roasted it is degraded quickly. Thus, if you want to drink fresh coffee you can keep roasted coffee for 4 to 7 days.

Apart from this if you are interested in fresh coffee then you can buy them unroasted. You can keep them for some period and then when you require coffee get them roasted and grounded for making coffee with them

Types of coffee

While choosing the best brand of coffee you should also be aware of the different types of coffee available. The main types of coffee are Arabica and Robusta. Among these two Robusta beans are comparatively cheaper than Arabica beans and are easier to grow too. You can get better coffee from Arabica beans. They are green in color and after they are roasted these green beans turns into coffee. While buying coffee you will find the type of roast mentioned on the label.

When you are not sure of your choice you can experiment with different types of roast. Different brands may characterize their roasts in different way but if you want to know the common types of roasting, they are mentioned below.

  • Light roast tend the bens into light brown color and they have sour taste.
  • When the beans are roasted medium, the color of the coffee is medium brown. There is no oily surface over the beans.
  • With dark roast there is oil over the beans and its color is rich and darker than other roasted beans.
  • There are darker roasts that turn the beans into shiny black beans along with oily surface. Italian roast are best example of darker roast.

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