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Caffeine Content Dark Roast Coffee Is Almost Same As Light Roast Coffee

As almost everything is becoming automated, health of individuals is also affected. May be due to the fast life with less physical work! Thus, the number of diseases is increasing day by day. This has resulted in more consciousness among people and they have become more health conscious than before. Whenever they eat or drink anything, they try to know the nutritional value and the ingredients it is made up of, whether it’s a cup of coffee or a pizza.

Printed labels mentions nutritional values

To comply with the government rules and also to let people know what they want to know before eating anything almost every companies print the nutritional value of the ingredients used for manufacturing any food item. After any food item is packed, each ingredient is mentioned on the label including the calories it gives. It helps individuals who are health conscious to decide which food to eat and which not to.

Caffeine content in coffee

Let’s take coffee for example. There is always an argument over whether coffee is beneficial for human health or not? While one side claims it to be very beneficial others state that drinking coffee has no health benefits, rather it is dangerous for health.

This argument continues for different varieties of coffee too. Like, there is debate whether content of caffeine in dark roast coffee is higher than light roast coffee or not? Different experts have come up with different opinion. Most people consider that dark roasted coffee has higher caffeine as it tastes bitter than the light roast coffee. However, is it the reality or something else?

The truth is that when you drink dark roast coffee you may find its taste different from light roast, however this difference is not because of content of caffeine but because of the amount of roasting. The dark roasted coffee are roasted for prolong period than the light roasted ones. In the process they lose much of water of the coffee beans and what is left is the oil of coffee. Thus, you get the difference in taste.

Regarding the content of caffeine, it’s almost same in both the type of coffee. Some may say that caffeine may be lost while the coffee beans are roasted; the truth is that the amount lost is negligible.

So, the caffeine content in coffee does not depend upon whether it is dark roast or light roast. It depends upon various other factors like the size of the bean, the process of brewing coffee and more.

Getting back to the main discussion

The example of coffee beans was taken while discussing about nutritional value on printed label was because, many times when you see the nutritional facts you may find such terms like dark roast and light roast or something else. If you believe in the myths, then you may be surprised to find out the both type of coffee labels shows same amount of caffeine and you may not believe in the fact.

It’s not that, when any company is printing information they must have solid grounds, so instead of considering them wrong, try to gather the correct information, like in this case caffeine content in different type of roasted coffee.

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