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Best Decaf Coffee to Fulfill the Need of Drinking Coffee

There is no doubt that coffee is considered to be one of the most popular hot beverages all over the world. People love drinking it, taking every sip gives them enjoyment but they like to minimize the caffeine content. For such people who want to control total intake if caffeine, best decaf coffee is best for them. Decaf coffee is just like another cup of regular coffee that does not have much caffeine as in regular coffee.

What is Decaf Coffee and how is it Made?

Decaffeinated coffee or as it is known as Decaf coffee is made from coffee beans from which 97% of caffeine is removed. For removing caffeine from coffee beans water, carbon dioxide or organic solvents are used.

For removing the caffeine from the coffee beans they are washed in the solvent till the caffeine is extracted. After this the solvent is removed. Before the beans are roasted or grounded, they need to be decaffeinated for decaf coffee. In terms of nutritional value, the decaf coffees are almost same like that of regular coffee except that the caffeine content is different in both.

Those who like milder coffee and do not prefer the bitter taste of coffee, decaf coffee are best for them

How Much Caffeine is in Decaf Coffee?

If you drink decaf coffee with the hope that it does not have caffeine at all, then you may have misinformation. Even the best decaf coffee also has some caffeine in it. Yes, it is minimal when compared to regular coffee. In an average cup of regular coffee you will get about 70–140 mg of caffeine and in comparison to it, decaf coffee has caffeine content of about 1-7 mg per cup. Thus, although it’s not totally caffeine free yet the content of caffeine in decaf coffee is quite less.

Moreover, most coffee lovers will tell you that it is the best source of antioxidant in western diets. In decaf coffee the among of antioxidants will be more or less similar to regular coffee, maximum it can be less by 15%, due to the decaffeinated process.

Who Should Choose Decaf Over Regular Coffee?

There is no hard and fast rule about who can drink decaf coffee and who can drink regular coffee. The choice is upon individuals. Those who can tolerate too much caffeine will like regular coffee, but those who do not like caffeine will surely prefer decaf coffee.

Yes, it is always recommended that pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding should not take in caffeine as it may affect the health of their baby. Thus, for such ladies decaf coffee can be best alternative.

Apart from this if someone is under medication and needs to alleviate themselves from excitement too much regular coffee may be harmful. People suffering from insomnia, anxiety, and under caffeine restricted diet should avoid regular coffee and drink decaf coffee instead. Children and adolescents should also avoid drinking too much coffee.
Thus, whether you should drink regular coffee or decaf coffee will depend upon your choice and of course your health condition.

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